Relationship with Tonification and Purgation in Qigong-Sidney, BC

Congenital insufficiency will lead to disorder of the internal organs and the Five Elements, which should be regulated with Qigong using the numbers in the River Chart. For instance, deficiency of kidney essence and congenital qi should be replenished with the resultant number (six) of north kidney-water during Zi period (23:00-0100) first, then with the resultant number (nine) of west lung-metal during the You period 17:00-19:00  (to tonify the mother).


Day 3 of the year of the Fire Rooster. Chinese new year is a 2-week long celebration.It starts on the first day of the new moon of the first month of their lunar calendar and ends 15 days later on the first full moon of the same month. 

Kidney the Root Organ

The kidney has its upper orifice the ear which, with a thin membrane to hold yang-qi and the kidney corresponds with the sexual function and regarded as water. TCM holds that Zi (23:00-01:00) is related to the kidney; the kidney is the source of qi. The kidney-qi is called ” ministerial fire of Mingmen (Du 4 or the gate of life)”, or “young fire”, which is the ROOT of life formed through the supreme combination of the primordial yin and yang and stored seclusively in the kidney water. The Zi period is when qi of the natural world and yang qi (positive energy) in the kidney are in full accord, generating continuously and vibrating vigorously. To practice during this period is highly effective and can get twice the results with half the effort. Face north while practicing Qigong during the Zi period.