Yul’s spiritual roots began in the southern Baptist tradition growing up in Georgia. With a passion for learning and extreme dedication, Yul’s journey led him to be trained in the ancient art of Qigong by renowned Master Hing Cheung.  Over the last 30 years, he has practiced and taught meditation and Chinese Yoga (Qigong) at several locations is Sidney.  He continues to develop his expertise by observing and practicing with experts and then sharing his learnings with others. Yul shares his knowledge of Qigong at St. Elizabeth’s Church in Sidney every Wednesday from 10 am – 11:30 am and on Thursday evenings from 6 pm-7 pm. On Saturdays, you can find Yul at the Avalon Spa & Wellness Centre in Sidney from 11 am to Noon.

 Yul has trained with Eric Tuttle, Canada’s highest ranked internal martial artist and Minke de Vos, of the Universal Healing Tao System.  Currently, Yul is working on several Qigong home study series some by the Dr. Yang, Jwing-Ming founder of YMAA, others Dr. Jerry Alan Johnson of The International Institute of Medical Qigong and even more from the Universal Healing Tao Center. He also trains with Felix Teh, a 25-year instructor on Vancouver Island.


Qi Gong therapies are an assimilation of ancient Chinese (TCM and Taoist),  East Indian (Buddhist, Prana, Kundalini and Hatha Yoga), and Tibetan traditions.

“Qi” (Chi) has many meaning, one is Life Breath. See GENESIS chapter 2 verse 7 “GOD breathed into his nostrils the breath of life, and man became a living soul”. When beginning and throughout your Qigong meditation practice you want to focus on your breathing, especially if the mind starts to wander.

“Gong” (Kong) is defined as merit or achievement; effort or hard work. Chi Kung uses the healing power of the mind, through breathing and movement to increase vital energy (Qi) and promote a sense of well-being. Optimal benefits accrue from daily practice.

PSALMS 46 verse 10 ” Be still, and know that I am GOD. If God is too much to take in right now, read hexagram “52. Ken / Keeping Still,”  of  Richard Wilhelm’s  “I Ching”  (Book of Changes),  the closing sentence in the judgment states, ” Whoever acts from these deep levels (Meditative) make no mistakes.” Well, known side effects of persistent  Qigong practice is longevity and the AWAKING. 

Kundalini elements (prenatal Qi) become corporeal when we speak of the spiritual body in a spiritual entity; then composed of spirit, soul, and the superconsciousness

In the soul forces and its dwelling in man, we find the animation, the spiritual element (Qi), the soul that developing element, and contained in the brain, in the nerve, in the centers of the whole system. As to the specific centers, nearer those centers of the sensory system, physically speaking.

The sympathetic nervous system includes the seven endocrine glands, which is the physical portions of the seven chakras. The sympathetic forces are the seat of all the kundalini forces (Chi or Prana) in the physical body.

Don’t rush your Qigong practice and become too zealous or too active without consideration of the physical, mental and spiritual. True, all influences are first spiritual; but the mind is the builder and the body is the result.

Spiritualizing the body without the mind being wholly spiritualized may bring ill results, so as to raise even the kundalini forces (Qi) in the body without their giving full expression is a warning.

While the body is subject to all the influences of materiality, it may be controlled- the emotions thereof- by the mind and the mind may be directed by the spirit. What spirit do you entertain? Truth, justice, mercy, love, patience, brotherly kindness?


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