Crack! Open the Cosmic Easter Egg – Sidney Qigong

Tsi Kung Qigong Chi Kung Chi Gung

EGG is archetypal – perhaps the world’s most potent Fertility symbol. We know human embryos develop from an egg, but it’s so tiny we can’t see it. So the lowly chicken egg gets to hold the honour of Fertility Power. Chinese myths of a dan – an egg or gourd – describe something born out of nothing. The same dan describes our dan tian, the “elixir field” in our navel centre. It’s where we birth our body out of nothing.

Huang ji is the Tipping Point, the moment the cosmic egg cracks open. Yin-Yang first moves and Creation begins. Why or who cracks open the egg? It’s a Mystery. Egg definitely came first, before the chicken. Tao cosmology says the egg is still cracking open. Our process of eternal birthing is happening NOW.  We don’t need to get the cosmic yolk (joke). Just laugh. Spring and Easter is a great time to celebrate it!