Qigong Breathing Regulation Sidney BC

Qigong practice and treatment of illnesses should comply with the climate changes. 

Six to ten days after the new moon you should practice even breathing facing south. The moon will appear in the south at dusk with its shape turning from crescent to half.  


帶領你開展一趟,獨特的旅程帶給你改變你的生命,豐富你的人生,帶給你知識與安詳的旅程,靈性的實相探討的是靜坐和靜坐的體驗,觀賞這個節目的時候請你完全的放鬆自己,單­純的關照他跟著他的能量流動,不要試圖分析它的內容,完全的與它同在,念頭出現的時候斷滅那個念頭,做一個深呼吸與那個念頭同在,這個節目是為你製作的,我們只是整個造化­裡的一顆微塵,每個人都在追尋健康、安詳、知識、繁榮、和諧,總而言之我們無時無刻都在追求快樂富足的生活,我們為了達到這個狀態而努力奮鬥,但我們能夠達到嗎?是的!我­們能夠達到。這一切只有透過對法界能量和自性知識的瞭解才能達到。Meditation done with good intentions are the best especially if you can reach a state of tranqility.

3 Powerful Tips For Enjoying The Now

Does it ever feel like your life is quickly passing you by because you’re constantly thinking about the past or worrying about the future?

The truth is, the only moment you have for sure, is ‘this’ moment, right now.

To help you step into the now today… I want to share 3 powerful tips for absorbing and enjoying the present moment. I encourage you to implement at least 1 of them this week 🙂

Tip 1. Become aware – If you catch yourself complaining or over analyzing, stop and shift your perspective into the now by focusing on your surroundings or whatever it is that you’re doing. 

If you’re at a stop light or stuck in traffic, take advantage of this time to connect with what’s happening around you. First, start by becoming aware of your breathing pattern and then notice the wind, the sun, people passing by, and the different smells and sounds. 

Tip 2. Focus your attention – If you’re talking to a friend, eating or even working, try not to engage in other activities like talking on the phone or checking your emails. 

Instead, dedicate your full attention to whatever you’re doing at that moment and don’t let your mind wander. Focus your attention on the now and be the best you can be in that single moment. 

Tip 3. Forget about the past and future – If you spend your life reliving the past or worrying about the future, you will be missing out on life itself. 

So next time you notice your mind wandering off to worry or to engage in anxious thoughts, don’t judge yourself or force your thoughts. Rather acknowledge them, allow them to leave naturally and remind yourself to come back to the present moment. 

Time passes by quickly, so make sure you enjoy every single moment and really experience the joy of living. 

And don’t forget to practice! Remember that consistency is the only way to form a new habit, so start enjoying the present moment right away 🙂

To your best life,

Natalie ~ Mind Movies

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Out with the old and in with the new

It’s time to dust off your to-do list and cross off some tasks! As we move deeper into the year watch, there’s no time to waste. Out with the old and in with the new is a part of Qigong, and while cleaning, sorting, discarding and recycling takes some work, it can actually be quite cathartic. The effect of Qigong also offers freedom on a deeper level, so as you clean out your space, you are also probably deciding what you should (and shouldn’t) hold onto in a less physical sense. Are you clinging to emotional clutter that you should have released years ago? If you need help deciding what to keep and what to let go of, Qigong meditation can help. Tailored to your own specific soul need, Qigong is amazing. What does Qigong meditation have in store for you, and how can you best navigate what part of Qigong will work out in your favor?

Some of the most important Qigong methods that evolved are based on working with sound — vibrational patterns that dislodge and shift stagnant or blocked energy in the body. When we experience trauma or even everyday stressors, we often accumulate dense and blocked energy, which can persist for decades and eventually manifest as disease.

Specific sounds — especially when combined with movement and intention — can help shift these blocks, “charge up” areas with diminished chi, and activate your body’s self-healing capabilities. The result? Greater flow of energy throughout your body, which in turn increases immune system function and overall good health.

A few minutes a day of this type of focused practice can have dramatic effects on your happiness, well-being, stress levels, and even on longstanding health issues.

Now that you want a clean closet and a clear head, it’s time to find out! Leave a message on the contact page; you have the opportunity to discover essential daily practices from Healing Qigong —  which will help you take better energetic care of your body and establish a new baseline of health for a long and vibrant life.